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I didn’t finish yesterday’s post

I got distracted and, even though I kept meaning to get back to it, I just decided to post it anyway. I felt compelled to keep it going anyway. I have a tendency to overthink what I want to write and I spend so much time editing myself down in my head that I never actually write it.

I don’t want to do that this time.

Either way, yesterday was wonderful. A friend, Chris, came over and trained with my dad then made us pancakes (a trade off joke for an airport pick up). Chris left and my parents and I just relaxed in the living room. Later, my dad grilled, Chris came back, and we had some damn good bourbon. Watched The D. I.

It was a perfectly normal Saturday and the happiest I’ve been. I still dealt with the frustration of moving around — I got winded a few times going up and down the stairs — but it was still a perfect day.

Two weeks ago, this whole thing had been our plan. Well minus Chris and his pancakes. Dad was gonna grill and we were just going to enjoy the first nice day of the year. But on the way to breakfast, the doctor that I had seen in the urgent care the day before called and told me that I needed to go to the hospital.

I have my first appointment for outpatient labs in a bit so I should probably get ready. God, so early on a Sunday. But, I suppose I prefer it… more time to be normal the rest of the day.

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