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the moistened eyed siren

was feeling a little hazy lately

lazin on a daisy chain

was waiting for a "maybe" baby

got a little crazy, aint we?

slippin on a frayed suspension

beggin "chase me", wont ye?

cant be anchored down

by some salty eyed sailor

and his sweet smooth phrasing.

gotta be my own siren

tie me to the mast

i've been steering fast

smashed against the rocks.

and i've been singing

"please come save me"

to a shattered mirror glass

i wont let it phase me.

it always bites me in the ass

this goddamn frantic pacing

of this weary little heart

let it tear myself apart

scotch tape it to the wall

with a target on the muscle

grab your axes, let them rise

aim steady for the prize

i admit i was a little brazen, baby

use a jewelers loupe just to appraise me

and with a moistened eye

drop me in a bucket

call me moissanite

coal pressed out stretched

found a diamond in disguise

i've lost me a thousand times

and i cant stick to the same patterns

that have kept me spinning




away from

kindergarten crushes

a pastor's son

strawberry faces

shamrock shakes

the orange fields

some silver cars

a dollop of fun

stolen valentines coffee kisses

marlboro lights burning late at night

pennsy bunks

nightmare's night

sweaty palms

dorian grey

spawned pilot

a one month stand

i dont want to

add your name to the list

to all the boys who've left before.

but heres your chance

i'll get the door

and in the end,

if this dont work

i'll carve a place

and try once more

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