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Yesterday was my first full day home from the hospital…

And it was honestly a little infuriating. I am a very hyper person and I’m pretty self sufficient but now I have to move a little slower.

I was in the hospital for just under two weeks (12 days to be exact) and honestly, I didn’t really get to do much. I was confined to my room because I was kinda in isolation. My white blood cell count was insanely high it left my body open to infections so anyone who entered my room needed a mask or if I wanted to go out of my room I needed a mask. I was allowed to walk through the unit but that was about it and it was really…. sad. None of the other patients got to go out of their rooms or, if they could, they never did. It made me feel more trapped than being in my room. In any case, I rarely left my room. I paced around my room and would do at least two laps around the nurses station and then go back to my room, so I got minimal activity. Being back home made me realize how little I could do. I hated it.

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